Some Articles from a HAPPY PAST..

Girl artist’s solo win-win show (from Creative artist Hashini Chandrasiri 21 was a happy girl when her maiden, solo art exhibition ended last Sunday at the Lionel Wendt, Colombo. For, over 300 visitors had turned up during the three-day exhibition staged at the Lionel Wendt Art Centre. Contrastingly, the Lionel Wendt staff said that 50 … More Some Articles from a HAPPY PAST..

Paintings by a Courageous Daughter

  The courageous daughter Hashini Chandrasiri calls her paintings “Flying Colors.” She interprets her series of paintings as “Shades of Emotions.” I am calling her paintings “paintings of courage,” because of her life and the determined way she faces it. I think that we can understand the real meaning and nuances of her paintings only when we … More Paintings by a Courageous Daughter


“She is a part of the society, but she is not in the society.. Yes, she is a girl, but she is not just a girl.. She carries a clear mind, and a pure heart.. Her journey is different.. Because, she is a daughter of Buddha. “

Hope on a Pain

Hashini did this painting when her loving mother was very ill. She suffered all the time and it was really painful. It was a fight to live.. As a loving daughter, Hashini could always see a hope to live from her mother’s face.. A hope that smiling through the pain.. At a dark time, a … More Hope on a Pain

An old memory

” It is time to see you, through the memories from the past.. Your smile and your words.. Endless colors and the dark as well.. I see the deepness in your eyes.. Filled with hopes and love.. It is a dream that I can never forget.. and a tale as old as time.. ”